The Archbishop

While the Holy Queen is the divine figurehead of the Church of Caellum, it is the Archbishop that presides over its religious functions. The Archbishop is expected at all times to be an impartial leader, for he guides the department of Vox Mactus in interpreting the ancient holy texts and translating them into the laws of the land. He is also charged with guarding the Sacral Vault, the fortified underground chambers under Caellum’s Cathedral used to house ancient relics both divine and demonic. The current Archbishop is an elder, stoic man named Zachariah Gavell, and he has maintained these responsibilities since the 11th Age of Ignoscos. Behind closed doors, Archbishop Gavell is obsessed with knowledge about the Ignoscan armageddon prophecy referred to as the “Dawn” by the holy texts, which describes a return of the Goddesses to Ignoscos to purge the land of the Dread. Archbishop Gavell seeks the catalyst that will bring forth the Dawn, using whatever and whomever necessary to do so.


Simply step away from the unknown and into the holy wards. Empty yourself of thought and fill yourself with complete faith that the Goddesses are with you inside, and no harm can befall you.

Usual Location

  • Landings, the capital of Ignoscos

Adventurers & The Archbishop

While investigating tomes and artifacts in the Sacral Vaults, holy priests of Vox Mactus often discover clues to the mysteries that haunt Ignoscos. Archbishop Gavell will then contract adventurers to help guide and guard his agents as they seek to uncover these divine or demonic influences that still linger. Those who match success with religious devotion, especially vows of silence, can expect to be blessed with good fortune by the Archbishop.


Archbishop Gavell worships the Holy Queen as vicar of the Goddesses, lending her his wisdom and bias on the issues of ruling Ignoscos. The War Paladin and the Spymaster are allies of necessity when Ignoscos is in danger, otherwise the Archbishop stays out of the political strifes of the other two department heads unless it benefits him somehow. Gavell will secretly rely upon the Crime Boss to obtain information, people, or artifacts of importance to the Archbishop’s personal research projects.


The Archbishop protects the Sacral Vaults from the Half-Devil or the Obsidian Lich who would love to steal some of the cursed or demonic artifacts contained within. The Werewolf Chieftain is the only Icon who knows that the Archbishop seeks the Dawn, and does everything in his power to stop the Archbishop’s plans.

The Archbishop

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