The Holy Queen

The official governing body of Ignoscos is the Church of Caellum, making the Holy Queen both religious leader and sovereign ruler of Ignoscos and her people. Olivia Caellum is the 13th and current Holy Queen, and at the age of 16 is the youngest to ever hold the title. She is the daughter of the 12th Holy Queen, Holy Queen Elizabeth, whose reign came to an abrupt end during the final battle of the Nightmare Crusades. The coronation of Holy Queen Olivia began the 13th Age of Ignoscos, and marked the beginning of the cold war with the Virservan vampires. As Holy Queen, Olivia does not often adhere to Church traditions, much to the chagrin of more staunch members of the Church. Her policies focus on rebuilding a war-torn Ignoscos and supporting the downtrodden rather than re-igniting the Holy War against Virservia. While many Ignoscans love her, inexperience, naivety, and benevolence makes her administration easier to manipulate and corrupt politically.


I do not so much rejoice that the Goddesses have made me to be Holy Queen, but rather to be Holy Queen over so thankful a people.

Usual Location

  • Landings, the capital of Ignoscos.

Adventurers & The Holy Queen

Holy Queen Olivia lacks the necessary political clout and connections to use her title effectively, so she often goes outside of the normal church structure to ensure her deeds are done. She often hires adventurers when she wishes to provide safety and support to those villages that the military would rather ignore. Those who routinely support the Holy Queen and her endeavours are rewarded with increased pay and greater status.


The three departments of the Church of Caellum are presided over by the War Paladin, the Spymaster, and the Archbishop. They work directly under the Holy Queen to control the military, espionage, and religious functions of the government. While each department head is duty-bound to Holy Queen Olivia, each do their best to manipulate her towards their own goals.


The Vampire King is the greatest enemy to the Church of Caellum. His agenda to subjugate all Ignoscans into Virservan slavery is a constant threat, tempered only by the current lack of resources. Nothing would please the Vampire King more than to see another Holy Queen die. Another nemesis to the Holy Queen is the Archduke, who seeks any advantage in his political agenda to weaken her sovereignty and install aristocratic control of the Church of Caellum. Without the Spymaster foiling his schemes, the Archduke would easily have overthrown the Holy Queen by now.

The Holy Queen

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