WELCOME to a desperate world in need of adventurers to brave against the unholy terrors of the night. On the island nation of Ignoscos, a dark curse called the Dread permeates the land. It creeps across the moors and wildnerness, raises the dead as it comes into contact with unblessed graves, and twists nature into something dark and nightmarish. As citizens huddle behind their holy wards, heroic adventurers strive to push back against the Dread and the horrific monsters it creates. Welcome to the 13th age of Ignoscos, the darkest age in recorded history.

Here lies great adventure for those who dare step beyond the wards. Holy men fight tirelessly against unending hoards of undead. Arcanists unleash dangerous spells against the dark magics of vampires. Criminals procure illicit materials and cursed artifacts from crumbling tombs. Huntsmen explore the haunted wilderness for lost travelers and savage werewolves.

But not all evil goes bump in the night. Nobles sit content behind their walled cities while frontier villages suffer. Mad scientists play god in hidden laboratories and give rise to new abominations. Serial killers roam crowded streets searching for their next innocent to prey upon.

The world is a place of short days and long nights. Welcome to the Wavering Dawn campaign setting. Survive until dawn!


Wavering Dawn