The War Paladin

The Department of Manus Mactus is headed by the War Paladin, Ezekiel Titus, one of three department heads who reports directly to the Holy Queen. War Paladin Titus is a tall, intimidating man with a steely voice that can be heard echoing throughout the stone halls of Caellum’s Cathedral. He frequently uses terrifying charisma to pressure those around him into submitting to his will. After his failures at the end of the 12th Age to stop the Nightmare Crusades and to protect Holy Queen Elizabeth, Titus habors an intense hatred for vampires, and has become even more intolerant to anyone standing in the way of his warmongering. Traditional and dogmatic in approach, Titus abhors compromising with those who disagree with his often violent militarism when responding to situations. In the War Paladin’s mind such people lack conviction, for any consequences to his actions are justified as they are done so “in the name of the Godesses”. Despite his brutal nature, many Ignoscans still respect him as they view his unwavering resolve and calls to action as a necessary in these dark times.


Duty, Devotion, and Death. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what should be done, what will be done, and what must be done.

Usual Location

  • Landings, the capital of Ignoscos.

Adventurers & The War Paladin

The forces of Manus Mactus were diminished severely after the Nightmare Crusades, leaving War Paladin Titus no choice but to supplement military and law enforcement activities with adventurers. The War Paladin views such adventurers as disposable, having them undertake missions that he deems too volatile for his forces. Those that impress the War Paladin with success and strength are rewarded with military resources and the authority of Manus Mactus itself.


The War Paladin is religiously bound to serve and protect the Holy Queen and her policies. While the Spymaster and the Archbishop may be political rivals in the Holy Queen‘s court, when Ignoscos is threatened, the department heads can usually find enough common ground to work together. The Archduke is a strong supporter of the War Paladin since his warmongering often increases the Archduke’s profits.


The Vampire King is the sworn enemy of the War Paladin, and the War Paladin will stop at nothing to eradict him and every vampire off of Ignoscos. The Half-Devil, the Werewolf Chieftain, and the Obsidian Lich are all heretics whose plots the War Paladin hinders once uprooted. Behind closed doors, the War Paladin also has to navigate political tussles with the Spymaster and the Reclaimer. The Spymaster is the most blatant political rival to the War Paladin, as Umbra Mactus directly competes with Manus Mactus for ownership of holy operations and resources. Each victory of the Reclaimer and his milita questions the effectiveness of the War Paladin in keeping Ignoscos safe.

The War Paladin

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