The Spymaster

When enemies can’t be defeated by holy force alone, the Holy Queen turns to the Spymaster, the department head of Umbra Mactus. The current Spymaster is Lady Catherine Forthright, a mysterious, calculating woman whose cold temperament belies her pariotism and care for her comrades. Spymaster Forthright does not tolerate failure, and views any failure by her agents as a failure on her capabilities as Spymaster. She grants permission for her agents to utilize many unorthodox tools, from the use of questionable arcana to secret vampire double agents. This raises criticism by the other department heads as Umbra Mactus agents may not be trusted in utilizing heretical sources without temptation. Nevertheless, the Holy Queen has always had faith in the Spymaster and her agents to do what is in the best interest of Ignoscos. Spymaster Forthright’s duties include more than subverting external threats to Ignoscos, for she must also keep watch on the aristocracy, criminal underworld, and the Caellum Church itself lest the downfall of Ignoscos come from within.


Think not about your enemy’s actions, but how they make them.

Usual Location

  • Landings, the capital of Ignoscos.

Adventurers & The Spy-Master

The Spymaster has always favored supplementing Umbra Mactus agents with adventurers to form small, elite teams that can accomplish missions discretely. Often adventurers know the local area better than her agents, and can gain access to areas that her agents cannot. Impressing the Spymaster requires an adventurer to utilize cunning over strength and strategic application of force over breaking down the door.


The Spymaster serves the Holy Queen as faithfully as she can, defying holy command only when the Holy Queen’s idealism would risk the success of the mission. The Archbishop and the War Paladin are allies only when the threat is too large for the Spymaster to handle herself. The Spymaster is the only icon who knows the existence of the Oracle and his Esoteric Order of the Spider. She takes the prophecies gleamed from his futuresight very seriously as they are rarely wrong.


Anyone who threatens the stability or authority of the Church of Caellum is watched over by the Spymaster. The Spymaster often subverts the more insidious plots of the Half Devil and the Crime Boss. In the halls of Caellum’s Cathedral, arguments between the cold-tempered Spymaster and the hot-blooded War Paladin will often end in a stalemate, the Holy Queen unwilling to pick a side for fearing slighting the other, leaving the Archbishop able to take advantage of the situation. This becomes further complicated when it is the Archduke pulling the political strings, for which the Spymaster must constantly unfurl the political web of Ignoscos to find.

The Spymaster

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